Trust and Probate Administration

Mr. Appel provides services to his clients in the handling of probate estates and the administration of trusts in both Illinois and Indiana. Mr. Appel also represents individual heirs, legatees or beneficiaries in the protection of their rights in the process of estate or trust administration. Mr. Appel will work with clients to explore all possible alternatives to probate so as to minimize the cost of transferring a decedent's assets and also to protect a decedent's assets from the claims of third parties. Mr. Appel's services include the following:

  • Probate estates
  • Trust administration
  • Small estate affidavits
  • Summary administration
  • Obtaining valuation of personal and real property
  • Illinois estate tax returns
  • Federal estate tax returns
  • Tax elections and disclaimers
  • Protecting rights of heirs, legatees and beneficiaries

Mr. Appel works with his clients to administer estates and trusts in an efficient and cost-effective manner, working closely with clients so that they understand the process and the legal responsibilities of being an administrator, executor, or trustee.